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Only SAFA member feedlots can apply for Q-Sure accreditation. Only 10 members have to date been accredited with some others pending.

Discussion with some of the main retail chains has taken place with others to come. The reaction has been very positive and further presentations to top management are planned shortly.

These GMP’s are to serve as a guideline to feedlots and to assist them to implement Feedlot Practices that are compatible to the needs of the consumer, environment and to ensure animal welfare.

It must be remembered that if you in the “Livestock Business” you are in the “People Business” and with the best intentions little will be achieved if GOOD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES are not a company policy, with buy in from the whole staff complement; and lead from the top.

A training programme should be in place for both permanent and casual employees and their respective duties to maintain GMP’s. The programmes should be updated as the need arises.

The ultimate feedlot objective is to provide consistently sufficient quantities of meat products that meet the quality, price, health and safety expectations of the consumer every time.


Training Program Index
  • Appointment Letter SHEQ Manager
  • New Application
  • Change of Document Register
The Five Freedom of Animals
Livestock Purchases
  • Livestock Purchases
  • Livestock Marketing
Livestock Transport
  • Handling of Livestock Associated with Transportation by Road
  • Standards for Humane Handling and Transport of Livestock by Road
  • Livestock deliveries
Access Control
  • Farm Plan and Access Control
  • Bio Security Contingency Plan
Feedlot Access
  • Vehicle Access
  • Visitors
  • Vehicle Access Checklist
  • Deliveries
Livestock Health
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Health Plan
  • Processing
  • Production and Identification
  • Veterinary Medicines
  • Medication
  • Broken Needle Procedure
  • Medication Checklist
  • Animal Treatment
Feeds and Feeding
  • Feeds and feeding
  • Feed Purchasing
  • Handling and Storage
  • Mixing Facilities
  • Processing of Feed
  • Self-Mixing of Procedure
  • Chemical Analysis of Feed
  • Blend Mixing Procedure
  • Chemical Analysis of Feed
  • Moisture Test Procedures
  • Feed Identification Procedure
  • Feed Process
  • Bunk Management Procedure
Water Management
  • Water Availability
  • Water Analysis
Contingency Plans
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
Waste Management
  • Manure and Effluent
  • Employees/Personnel
  • Protective Clothing
  • Absentees
  • Absence
Pest Control
  • Pest Sightings
  • Cleaning Procedure
  • Internal Audit Procedure
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit Checklist
Compliance to legislation
  • Legal Compliance
  • Car Report