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Chefs Association Training

Executive Summary Red Meat Industry Forum Culinary Development Programme

The Red Meat Industry Forum incubator programme was conceptualized by and developed by the South African Chefs Association (SA CHEFS), South Africa’s authority on Food and Culinary Education and SAQA Recognised Professional Body for chefs in South Africa, with the objective of utilizing the Wilmar West Rand CCE in Randfontein for Practical training and Theoretical training. Facilitators HTA will be conducting the theoretical competencies at the Randfontein campus.

SA CHEFS have created a Culinary Education programme that will assist Red Meat Industry Forum in fulfilling its desire to further up skill, capacity build and Certificate a new breed of Professionally Trained youth to enter the job market. Furthermore the programme has incorporated enterprise development responsibilities, social investment responsibilities and ensured long-term sustainability for Red Meat Industry Forum of each successful graduate 1. The project is aimed at currently unemployed individuals with a set of skills that will make them employable. Thus allowing each individual to maximize opportunities, sustain employment and contribute to South Africa’s economy and raising the standard of business ethics and the quality of the Hospitality sectors.

The focus of the ‘Red Meat Industry Forum Culinary Development Academy concept , is to allow Red Meat Industry Forum to play a pro-active and positive role in empowering, guiding and supporting of home-grown individuals in the field of cookery. Thus assisting in the raising    of standards in their future business operations, business practice and food service, furthermore to encourage growth and employment in this sector. The candidates are selected on criterions that are created by the South African Chefs Association to ensure that the most deserving of individual is given this great opportunity.

a) Between the ages of 18 -25 years of age

b) SA citizenship, male or female

c) Applicants must reside in the West of Johannesburg

d) Must not be blacklisted or have a criminal record

e) Matric certificate

f) Must be computer literate

g) Must be fully committed to the Programme

An interview is held with each potential candidate and 12 individuals will be selected for 2017.

Once they are inducted into the Programme, nine weeks of intensive training kicks off, of which six weeks are spent in theoretical and practical training in the kitchen and three weeks of work place experience in industry. This is aimed at not only introducing these youngsters to the  hospitality industry but also give them a head start in finding employment.

The Theoretical and Practical training is divided into the following modules and focuses heavily on red meat cuts, preparation and cooking methods but also gives the candidate all over tuition in practical cookery.

Practical Competencies:

  • Knife skills, Mise en Place, vegetable cuts and preparation.
  • Preparing of stocks, soups and sauces
  • Different meat cuts and cooking methods (poultry and fish included)
  • Preparing salads and starch dishes using beef and lamb
  • Preservation: Bresola, biltong and other methods.
  • Basic pastry and pastry dishes
  • Basic starter and breakfast preparation and dishes
  • Basic bread baking
  • How to prepare finger foods, Street food.
  • Plate and buffet recipes and presentation
  • Convenience food and how to use it in the kitchen.
  • Quick and easy ways to a Beef or lamb Dinner
  • Theoretical Competencies:
  •  Hygiene and safety: Identify hazards in the kitchen, Setting up of work station, Miseen Place and Vegetable preparation
  •  Maintain hygiene in food preparation, cooking and storage. Stocks, soups and Sauces
  • Meat cuts and cooking methods
  • Cold kitchen preparation, potatoes, pasta, other farinaceous dishes
  • Basic preservation methods
  • Basic pastry, Bread baking and Breakfast theory
  • Basic cold kitchen preparation
  • Basic Nutrition and the Food Triangle.
  • Dietary Requirements and Religious influences. Ethical cooking
  • Menu Planning and Menu Costing, Portion Control.
  • Introduction to the hospitality industry and jobs
  • Interviewing competencies and CV writing

SA Chefs ensures that the RMIF candidates are ready for employment and through a dedicated recruitment officer their CV’s are sent to many potential employers. 2017 will be the 2 nd group of unemployed youth that the Red meat industry forum will invest in and we hope that it will achieve the same results as the first one in 2015, which saw 70 % of the graduates being gainfully employed.