To be effective, representative and legitimate. Our organisation plays a leading role in all fields that contribute to the advancement of the feedlot industry 


To serve, coordinate, represent and promote the interests of all our members with integrity.


The SA Feedlot Association represents the feedlot industry on all formal structures where each member’s interests will be established and protected. 

    • Red Meat Industry Forum 
    • Red Meat Research and Development 
    • Livestock Welfare issues and compilation of Codes 
    • International Trade Marketing Group 
    • Carcass Classification Committees 
    • State and Provincial issues 
    • Ad hoc industry advisory forums 
    • Relevant legal action if necessary 
  • Administering the prestigious Q-Sure GMP system for feedlots 
  • Ensuring Animal Health related issues and regulations 
  • Conducting an annual Feedlot Salary and Wage survey according to the Paterson system 
  • Conducting feedlot industry image building initiatives 
    • Website hosting 
    • Lectures 
    • Farmer’s days 
    • International Feedlot tours 
  • Supplying members with relevant domestic and international information and trends 
  • Operating weekly and monthly data management system for members 
    • Purchase data (volumes, mass and prices) 
    • Sales data (volumes, carcass and live mass, prices) 
    • Comparative production benchmarking 
  • Management of industry media promotions and events 
    • National Beef Up media promotions 
    • Prestigious annual Cleaver Awards for butchers 
    • Transformation Projects
  • Seta-accredited Feedlot Training Programs for members at their feedlots at no cost 
  • Providing members with regularly updated Feedlot Environmental Guidelines 


SAFA offers Seta-accredited Feedlot Training Programs for members at their feedlots at no extra cost. Regrettably, only members of the South African Feedlot Association will receive training, and it is done through the Institute. 

To find out more, please call Helene Pheiffer at 012 843 5600 

Feedlot Training Courses offered to SAFA members. 

  • Feedlot Livestock handling 
  • Unit Controller 
  • Tractor Maintenance 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Socio-economic Empowerment 
  • Supervisor module 1